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Air Conditioning FAQ

Looking for reliable air conditioning FAQ answers? Look no further!

Our experienced team at Air Conditioning Repair Adelaide has developed a wealth of knowledge & experience within the industry over many years. To better serve our customers we have developed this page as a resource to answer some of the most frequently ask.

What is the best brand air conditioner?

With such a huge range of household brands such as Fujitsu, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric and LG, Daikin , Actron, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Daikin & Midea it can be difficult to find your ideal air conditioner that has the features, benefits & style you want, below is a great resource developed by The Good Guys to assist you with finding your ideal air conditioner.

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How long does an air conditioner last?

Taking into account a range of attributes a general life expectancy on a quality air conditioner can vary between 10-15 years. Again this is a subjective estimate and factors such as brand & usage should be considered.

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Are portable air conditioners safe?

Modern portable air conditioners are well designed to meet strict criteria to ensure Australian safety standards are met. As such the majority of cases of a portable air conditioner being hazardous are largely due to a factors such as faulty power outlets or powerboards rather than a fault with the portable air conditioners.

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Are air conditioners expensive to run?

Dependent on your air conditioner this answer can vastly vary however attached is a fantastic resource to get an idea of your air conditioners efficiency.

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How much to fix air conditioner?

We here at Air Conditioning Repair Adelaide value your business and pride ourselves on outstanding customer-service, with experience working with a range of different brands.
Depending on your system and the repair requirements the cost of getting your air conditioner functioning efficiency can vary.

Contact our friendly team today for a ‘quick quote’ or to have one of our team members visit you.

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Is my air conditioner broken?

Although the average life of an air conditioner is 10-15 years during this time you may find maintenance is required. However don’t get too concerned as it may surprise you how often the repair costs are minimal, and don’t require you to break the bank.
Additionally adopting the ‘a stitch-in-time-saves-nine’ approach can often result in your air conditioner operating more efficiently and therefor reducing your future bills.

Contact our experienced team for an accurate quote with competitively priced service.

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Why is my air conditioner loud?

Unfortunately there is not one generic answer to this question, however our experienced team are confident that upon inspecting your unit we can find a solution if it is financially realistic to proceed with repairing your air conditioner.

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Fast and efficient service

Neil S.

Sav and the team worked on my ducted A/C system after it developed a refrigerant leak. This system never worked particularly well, and I wondered if it was worth repairing. Sav went over the entire system and noted several issues. He found the small leak, and repaired it. The team replaced all of the damper motors and installed a new controller. Sav then fine tuned the system including some electrical work. The system, works better than it ever has, is now much more controllable and functional, and purrs like it never has. Thanks guys for your keen diagnostics, your up-front and honest approach, and your high quality, cost effective work.

Cheers, Todd

Todd M.

Hello Sav,
Just a quick note to let you know my AC is working the best it ever has.

Thanks for your great job.


Having had a ducted reverse cycle air-conditioner working well for more than 14 years, we weren’t entirely sure who to call upon to repair it when it recently stopped working. Found Airconditioning Repair Adelaide on the web, made a call to arrange an inspection of the air-con unit and from that point it was clear we’d made the right choice. Sav is obviously busy (no surprise given his experience and quality of workmanship), but he made time to suit our own availability, diagnosed the problem, ordered the parts (incl. a new compressor) and installed it all the following week. Now working like new again. Highly recommend Sav to anyone looking for professional air-con service in Adelaide.

Peter T.

Thank you Sav! You are a genius. Ir worked perfectly!

Excellent service! When I need repairs in the future, I’ll definitely give you guys a call.

Thanks again,


Kristy A.


I just wanted to say thank you for your advice – it worked and you saved me a visit! I will remember your business and use you in the future when I actually need a technician.

I have had such bad service from AC repair people over the past few years, it is refreshing to receive correct, effective advice.

Thank you again.

Shevaun Bruland

He was the third person to look at Air Conditioner and the only one to fix it. First person told me it was going to cost $1200 to fix. Sec person turn up late and did not have a clue. And then this company fixed it I was happy. Will use him all the time now.

Ann-Marie – SA

Just wanted to drop you a line and say Thanks for the effort you have put into fixing the Air conditioner at our Property in Glenelg North.

I realise these intermittent problems can be very hard to diagnose and resolve, but your persistence has certainly paid off and our tenants are now warm and cosy over this very cold winter. I know they are very appreciative, and also were very complimentary about your work ethic.

Keep up the good work, and although I hope I don’t see too much of you from a professional point of view in the future, I hope you continue your business in the same manner, as it is refreshing to find a Trades Person who is easy to deal with.

Tony Clarke – AIRSAFE Transport Training, WA

I’ve had my aircon unit for over 10 years now, this past summer it suddenly started under performing. I used to enjoy coming home after work to a nice cool house, but the past few weeks I’ve had to come home to a styling hot one instead.

I was recommended to look up Airconditioning Repair Adelaide – so I made a call and that same day Sav scheduled me later that week to get my aircon unit fixed up and working again.

Thank you Sav you’ve restored living lifestyle by bringing back the cool air in my home!

Paul – Adelaide CBD

I came across Airconditioning Repair Adelaide on Google. Immediately I submitted an enquiry for a quote into getting a new aircon unit installed. The following morning I spoke directly with Sav and was scheduled in the following week to have my aircon unit installed.

Sav from Airconditioning Repair Adelaide was so thorough with his work and very friendly. I highly recommend Sav and his team at Airconditioning Repair Adelaide to anyone who needs maintenance or installation of an aircon unit.

Sarah – Adelaide CBD

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